Plasma 3D (Dark Base D/A) 1kg

£28.00£28.50 Ex Vat

Yield 3/5 SQM PER L 
With light base (P/T) and dark base (D/A)
1kg £26.17 included in the price are the dyes specified in the impero catalogue


Plasma 3D (Dark Base D/A) 1kg, is a moldable plastic decorative finish for interior ‘s made of special synthetic resins,

additives and inert charges what makes it very resistant to solicitations.

This is for dark colours so if you can’t see the code you want than it will be in the light base listing – Plasma 3D (light base P/T)

Great product to use when trying to create a marble finish using various colours, nothing like this on the market for the Uk! 

PLASMA 3D is able to have many different effects, using a choice of Tools for faux finishes.

You can create different patterns with Marmorino Tools rollers such as Viper, snake and Crocodile effect.

Wood effect Tool proves popular also to create the grain effect like real wood, with choosing a colour you want!

Then there is the popular finish using a Trowels like marble / Granite as well as a beautiful multitone effect.

All these tools can be purchased from

Yield 3/5 SQM PER KG
Plasma 3D (Dark Base D/A) 1kg
Plasma comes in two bases, light base (P/T) and dark base (D/A)
so depending on what colour you choose with the plasma, depends on the base you use.
Before applying plasma 3d you need to prime the walls using universal primer.
if using on newly plastered walls than we advise P3D wall before using universal primer as this will stop the suction from the new plaster
Included in the price are the dyes specified in the impero catalogue which you can download here
but if you cannot find the colour you want we can try to match it for you as we have a 2nd colour chart with 100’s of swatches to look through.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dye Colours

P49128SX, P49135SX, P49136SX, P49140SX, P49142SX, P49148SX, P49155SX, P49156SX, P49157SX, P49006SX, P49012SX, P49023SX, P49024SX, P49033SX, P49044SX, P49047SX, P49048SX, P49050SX, P49059SX, P49063SX, P49068SX, P49071SX, P49074SX, P49084SX, P49091SX, P49092SX, P49103SX, P49104SX, P49110SX, P49114SX, P49115SX, P49116SX, P49117SX, P49119SX, P49120SX, P49122SX, P49123SX, P49124SX, P49125SX, P49150SX


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