Sharki Silver Diamante 750ml

£35.00 Ex Vat


Metallic Sharki Silver Diamante 750ml

with added glitter,

Sharki silver Base – Textured finishing Product for walls with added diamanté’s to create a sparkly finish

This product is a decorative finish that can be applied with a brush which creates texture on your walls,

So it is an easy product to use,

a great alternative to wallpaper because with its great texture.

Their is a few different alternatives with this product that can have glitter, plain or a metallic base.

You can download the brochure to check out the many colours available

Gold and silver bases, we also have another range in the metal bases in gold, silver, bronze and copper are available.

you can also buy with the added glitter to create extra sparkle!

We have added a video from YouTube below to show the effect of sharki with a gold base

Sharki Silver Diamante sandblast effect 750ml

Sharki silver Base – Textured finishing Product for walls

Before you apply SHARKI it is necessary to prepare properly the surface with powder or pasty putties (as FLYSTUK)

12 hours after it’s necessary to sand it well with sand paper (we recommend grain type P150).

After sanding and cleaning away possible dirtiness and dust,

apply 1 coat of acrylic fixative FISSACRIL tinned with water 1:1 up to 1:3.

After 4-5 hours apply by roller 2 coats of UNIVERSAL PRIMER

WHITE OR COLOURED in the same shade of decorative paint

6-8 hours after UNIVERSAL PRIMER application, proceed with application of SHARKI with cross brush movements.

When using Diamante (with glitter) you only mix with the sharki on the day you are ready to apply the product to the walls, 

To obtain a surface with more sand and shades or texture it is possible to apply a second coat of SHARKI trying to fill the empty spaces.



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A1330930, A1330940, A1330950, A1330960, A1330970, A1330980, A1330990, A1331000, A1331010, A1331020, A1331030, A1331040, A1331050, A1331060, A1331070, A1331080, A1331090, A1331100, A1330730, A1330790, A1330010, A1330190, A1330610, A1330550, A1330670, A1330430, A1330440, A1330450, A1330460, A1330470, A1330480, A1330850, A1330860, A1330870, A1330880, A1330890, A1330900, A1330370, A1330380, A1330390, A1330400, A1330410, A1330420


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