Loggia Diamond Silver Waterproof Product

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Is a finishing product which can be applied over infinito or on its own.
Prices include dyes which can be found in the infinito colour chart for reference
Yield 4/5 SQM PER L


Loggia Diamond Silver Waterproof Product
which is a 2 part component product
Part A and part B which comes in either silver or gold, so dependant on the shade you choose depends on if the gold or silver is added.
Loggia Diamond Parte A is a finishing product that is fully waterproof
There are many colours from its own colour chart section in the the infinito catalogue,
which you can download yourself here-https://www.loggia.it/en/download2/

It is a high quality decorative finish, characterised by its irregular metal shade,

when the reflections of the light hit the surface, is when the product truly comes alive.

Thanks to its structure it is suitable both to protect and decorate houses, flats, hotels, where a rich and luxurious effect is demanded.

This product can be used by itself or over products such as infinito and can add colour and waterproof the finish.
great for in bathrooms, showers when wanting something different to the traditional gloss tiles
Prices include colour from the colour chart

Yield 4/5 SQM PER L

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Brush application: Wait 6-8 hours since application of the Primer then apply 1st coat of DIAMOND

cross the brush strokes uniformly in order to distribute the product all over the surface.

After 5-10 minutes you pass over the surface again with a plastic spatula using light pressure to squash the flake without removing it.

Please wait still 4-6 hours, until the squashed flakes come down into the film to produce the desired effect.

For other finishes to use over infinito you can find here https://loggiaproducts.wpengine.com/product-category/decorative-finishes/

Loggia Diamond Silver Waterproof Product

Also available in Gold

We are based in Southport, Merseyside at Italiano stucco ltd –http://www.italianostucco.co.uk

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

750ml, 4L

Dye Colour Codes

A43BR020, A43BR040, A43BR050, A43BR060, A43BR090, A43BR100, A43BR110, A43BR120, A43BR130, A43BR140, A43BR150, A43BR160, A43BR170, A43BR180, A43BR190, A43BR200, A43BR210, A42BR010, A42BR020, A42BR030, A42BR040, A42BR050, A42BR060, A42BR070, A42BR080, A42BR090, A42BR100, A42BR110, A42BR120, A42BR130, A42BR140, A42BR140, A42BR150, A42BR160, A42BR170, A42BR180, A42BR190, A42BR210, A43BR010


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