Loggia Diamond Gold Waterproof Product

£28.50£120.00 Ex Vat

Is a finishing product which can be applied over infinito or on its own.
Prices include dyes which can be found in the infinito colour chart for reference
Yield 4/5 SQM PER L


Loggia Diamond Gold Waterproof Product

2 part system

Included Diamond part A which is 500ml and part B 200ml
2 component product with the part B having a gold or silver base, you only mix together when ready to apply to the surface and only mix what you are going to use. 
This is a waterproof decorative product which can be used in showers, bathrooms, and kitchens etc but also anywhere in your home/office etc
it gives a subtle shimmer when being applied with a brush onto a textured surface but when being applied with a trowel give a metal smooth finish.
To create the smooth metal finish you really need to work the product in with the trowel, crushing the product whilst trowelling it on.
can be applied by brush onto the surface over another product like infinito, coarse lime product.
or can be applied with a trowel which gives a smooth finish either way this is completely waterproof.
Total parts together = 750ml
Yield 4/5 SQM PER L
There are many colours from its own colour chart section in the the infinito catalogue,
which you can download yourself here-https://www.loggia.it/en/download2/

It is a high quality decorative finish, characterized by irregular metal shades which when light hits the surface,

gives brightness of the precious stones to the interiors of any room.

Thanks to its structure the product is suitable to protect and decorate both homes and business premises 

who wants to achieve a rich and luxurious finish

Loggia Diamond Gold Waterproof Product includes the base colour you chose from the chart.

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Brush application:

Wait 6-8 hours since application of the Primer then spread a coat of DIAMOND

Cross the brush strokes uniformly in order to distribute the product all over the surface.

After 5-10 minutes you pass over the surface again with a plastic spatula using light pressure to squash the flake without removing it.

For other finishes and ideas to use over infinito you can find here


We are based in Southport, Merseyside at Italiano stucco ltd –http://www.italianostucco.co.uk

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

750ml, 4L

Dye Colour Codes

A4200020, A4200040, A4200050, A4200060, A4200090, A4200100, A4200110, A4200120, A4200130, A4200140, A4200150, A4200160, A4200170, A4200180, A4200190, A4200200, A4200210, A4200010, A4200020, A4200030, A4200040, A4200050, A4200060, A4200070, A4200080, A4200090, A4200100, A4200110, A4200120, A4200130, A42BR140, A4200140, A4200150, A4200160, A4200170, A4200180, A42BR190, A4200210, A4200010


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