Dorotea Metallic Silver Finishing Product 750ml

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Dorotea is a soft metallic finishing product
Comes in silver or gold and you can colour, this product can be used by itself or go on top of infinito.


Dorotea Metallic Silver Finishing Product 750ml
an acrylic based decorative Venetian plaster product that is ready to use.
A soft reflective metallic finishing product,  
available in silver and gold base, than using our machine can add colours you choose, 
ranging from neutrals to bold colours,
you can check out all the shades in the Infinito catalogue just yourself follow the link below,  
in there you will find various colour charts for different product’s like riflesso and infinito range,
Dorotea is on page 98.-
You can use Dorotea by itself or for a popular finish it is applied over Infinito,
which is our coarse lime plaster, it gives a subtle rich metallic finish.
so you get a textured base with using the infinito but the metallic effect with the Dorotea, great combination!
Loggia have been giving live demos recently on Facebook and showed Dorotea over infinito,
which if you have time is a good insight into these two products together.
Application instructions using brush 
After the primer has dried around 6-8 hours, apply first coat of Dorotea with a brush,
wait 4-8 hours and apply the 2nd coat.
Dorotea Metallic Silver Finishing Product
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