Cristallo Liquido Sealer

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2 parts system parte A & B 
Yield 8 SQM PER L


Cristallo Liquido Sealer
This is a sealer that comes in a 2 part system parts A & B
The product is formulated with an special epoxy resin in aqueous emulsion (component A),
and with its polyamine adduct dissolved in water (component B).
The combination of the two components produces a glossy paint film highly resistant to high traffic,
and to both mechanical and chemical stresses.

The product gives a polished finish. For internal use only.To be used in the floor cycle of the PLASMA 3D both as a primer coat on tiled floors,

 and as a final coat on the already polished PLASMA 3D.

Cristallo Liquido Sealer

Also recommended as a protective clear coat on MICROLOGGIA 3 and MOQUETTE.      

The sealer is applied with a Trowel, to purchase Trowel’s or any faux finishing tools please visit

Anymore questions please get in contact and we will be happy to help

Yield 10 MQ/L PER HAND

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The temperature of the room must not fall below 20° C and the relative humidity must not exceed 50%: these conditions must last for sufficient time for the glazing to dry out completely otherwise the clear may become opaque.

– The product, once catalyzed, has a life time of about 45 minutes; if you continue to use the glazing agent after this time you risk having an opaque film instead of a glossy one.

In case the aforementioned drawbacks have occurred, and the glazing is opaque, it is possible to remedy by another coat, after waiting a few days to allow the moisture to evaporate, possibly heating the room, after sanding the surface with very fine paper (like SCOTCH BRITE).

– Before washing the floor with water, try to clean a small part of the surface with a damp cloth, checking that there are no streaks or opacity, in fact the process of hardening of the epoxy continues to take place for a long time (1 – 2 months) and the water may cause it to opacify


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Parte A 375ml & Parte B 500ml, Parte A 750ml & Parte B 1L


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