Cera Riflesso Wax

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This product is a natural wax with a shiny and protective effect, and is used to give the final polishing of Riflesso.

Surface preparation:

Before applying CERA RIFLESSO make sure the substrate is dry (usually after 24hours)


We recommend using a cotton cloth for application. After 24hours from the polishing or Riflesso apply the wax directly onto a cotton or wool cloth and with circular moves,ents cover the surface to be treated. After 5-10 minutes remove the wax with a clean cloth(you can also use a wool pad and use a low electric polisher on low) until you get the shiny and protective result of CERA RIFLESSO.

Theoretical Yield: 13/15 sqm per 1L

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Cera Riflesso Wax is specifically designed for our polished plaster called Riflesso

with a glossy and protective effect, Cera riflesso wax to be used on interior walls to protect polished plaster finishes.

this is not a tinted wax.


Once the riflesso is completely dry, usually around 24hours,

Apply a thin layer of CERA WAX with a cotton cloth over the surface with circular movements,

wait 5 or 10 minutes and remove the wax with a clean cloth until you get the shiny and protective result 

Yield is 13/15 sqm per L

This wax is specifically designed for polished plaster, Loggia’s Riflesso you can find here –https://loggiaproducts.wpengine.com/product/riflesso-polished-plaster/

You can watch a short video on how to apply Riflesso, created by one of loggia’s top applicators in Italy-



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