Bi Plasma Liquid Metal kit

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Liquid Metal kit

To be used with Bi Plasma 3D not just by itself, you have to add the Metal powder with the 2 parts of bi plasma.


1kg bi plasma D/A

750g metal powder

50g bi plasma Part B

Metal powder to be mixed with Bi plasma 3D part A (D/A) and part B 

Comes in either 

Brass Gold (ottone), Bronze (Bronzo), Copper (Rame), Silver (stagno), Tin (Zinc)

Yield- 3.5m2 to 4m2



Bi Plasma Liquid Metal kit

Can be used for splash backs in a kitchen, over wood (upcycling a wooden kitchen table for example) in bathroom’s and also on floor’s.

or just a statement feature wall, with this product it can go anywhere you or your client desires!

The kit comprises of the choice of metal plus the Bi plasma part A and bi plasma part B needed to mix with the metal

Exactly what it says, metal, comes in copper, bronze , gold brass and silver

To be used with bi plasma not just by itself, you have to add the Metal powder with the 2 parts of bi plasma.

Before applying the metal you need to first apply 2 coats of UNIVERSAL PRIMER or intermedial primer to the surface.

once dry apply the metal by trowel

If you wish to give added protection and seal the metal you can apply cristallo liquido, that gives a nice shine to the metal.

If you need any advice on any products than either ring or contact through the link below

Kit yield – around 3.5 to 4m2 per Kit

Data sheet 


Bi Plasma Liquid Metal kit great for using to create that wow factor

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Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg

Silver (Stagno)), Bronze (Bronzo), Copper (rame), Brass (ottone), Zinc (Tin)


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