Fissacril – Pre Primer for walls




Fissacril – Pre Primer for wall

FISSACRIL is a water-based fixative for interior and exterior use, formulated with acrylic emulsions.

This primer penetrates into the plaster and seals the porous surfaces by bonding unrelated parts of them.

It provides both a good vapour permeability and an excellent adhesion for finish coatings.

Making surface absorption uniform, FISSACRIL allows colour uniformity during application of paints

It is recommended for interior application on plasters and stucco and for exterior use on suitably prepared masonry walls and concrete, and newly fresh plaster


Interior new surfaces: All surfaces must be dry and cured according to the supplier’s recommendations – usually about 30 days.

Rough surfaces can be filled with putty FLYSTUK to provide a smooth surface; Ensure the support to be coated is clean with dust and dirt removed.

Apply one coat of primer FISSACRIL followed after 4/6 hours by two coats of wall paint. For the application please refer to the technical methods given below.

Interior coated surfaces: Any mildew should be removed before painting by washing with a solution of 1 part liquid bleach and 3 parts water. Apply the solution and scrub the mildewed area.

Allow the surface to dry before applying a coat of fungicide MUFFACID. It requires the use of proper protective equipment. Existing peeled paint should be scraped and sanded to a sound surface.

Glossy surfaces should be sanded dull. Coatings in a poor condition should be removed completely. Fill cracks and holes with putty FLYSTUK; then sand smooth.

Remove all sanding dust. Apply one coat of primer FISSACRIL followed after 4/6 hours by two coats of wall paint. For the application please refer to the technical methods given below

Warning: Do not paint in direct sun or on a hot surface. Do not apply to wet surfaces.


Brush: Use a nylon/polyester or a natural bristle brush. Roller: Use a nap synthetic or lamb’s wool roller cover.

Dilution depends on surface absorption. It ranges from 1:1 to 1:3 by volume with water.

Airless: Pressure: 140 – 160 bar (2000 – 2350 psi). Tip: 0.017” – 0.021”. Dilution depends on the airless system in use. A trial application is strongly recommended prior to the commencement of work.

Warning: The addition of fixative to paints can not be considered as a substitute for the application of the fixative itself.

Only in the latter case, the fixative penetrates deep into the plaster and allows to standardize the absorption by sealing not consolidated parts of it.

The addition of fixative to paints, in fact, increases its resin content, but will not prevent such defects.

Temperature of application: +5 – +35ºC

Relative humidity of application: <85%

Touch dry: 30 MINUTES

Recoatable after: 4 -5 HOURS

Completely Cured: 7 DAYS

Cleaning tools: BY WATER

Coverage: 8-10 m2/L


Gloss Levels: Translucent


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