Umana Paint

Umana paint is born from a simple idea, to improve quality of life by purifying the air we breathe indoors.

And now proven to eradicate SARS-COV2, the virus that caused COVID-19

This product is super eco-friendly and will offer you A+++  rating

How Umana Works To Purify Your Air

Umana paint contains extracts of plant origins that perform antioxidant’s to help sanitize the environment

When it is applied on surfaces it attack’s harmful substances in the atmosphere

Umana is activated by sunlight, destroying organic particles such as bacteria, smoke, mould and transforming it into mineral salts

The washable photocatalytic paint over which it was led the first research project to determine the virucidal activity against the SARS-COV-2,

The pathogen responsible of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The results of the research revealed that the UMANA’s active substance has a strong virucidal action against the SARS- COV-2. Such effect is evident in the period of contact in the order of minutes and it generally remains steady over time.

Research project on the UMANA’s virucidal ability against the SARSCOV- 2, in partnership with LabAnalysis.

It eliminates all harmful substances that enter our homes from the outside or are deposited on the walls simply by migrating from clothing.

The antibacterial photocatalytic action, determined by the introduction of silver salts in a formula in combination with nanotechnology, inhibits and prevents the development of moulds that proliferate in the environment and contaminate the air we breathe.

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